Our testimonials

Over the years we have gathered some lovely feedback

Our helpful customer service, our free range meat, and now our ‘Sway Butcher’s From the Kitchen’ culinary delights means we have returning customers. 

We work with chefs (Rick Stein to name one) and we fly our meat to various parts of the world to cater for yachts and other clients outside of the British Isles, but we mainly work with our lovely local customers, who keep coming back. And it is always lovely to hear feedback, we value it immensly.

Best Turkey ever this year too! Thank you Sway Butchers x
Alison Brookes

‘I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided us with during our recent stay at Tile Barn. The food was of great quality, and all the pupils and staff really enjoyed eating it! You were very accommodating when we needed to change our orders, which we appreciate. We look forward to dealing with you again next year’
Court Moor School .

“living where I do in Hampshire, near the Dorset border, I’m lucky enough to have access to Dorset lamb, the country’s best – and it’s supplied by one of the best butchers around. David West is sixth generation – his great-great grandfather opened the family’s first butcher’s shop in north London, way back in the 1800s. He now carries on the tradition, much to my delight, in the village of Sway, near where I live in Lymington. And what he doesn’t know about meat and game, you could write on the back of a stamp.”
Appeared in Delicious Magazine (April issue)

“Thanks to David West for most of the meat.”
Rick Stein

“I would like to say a word of thanks to David West of Sway Butchers, one of the best butchers around.”
Rick Stein

“A word of thanks David West of Sway butchers in Lymington, who must be one of the best local butchers around.”
Rick Stein

“I would like to thank, David West for helping with our butchery questions.”
Rick Stein

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