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A Rib of Beef

Rib Joint


Classic beef roast on the bone.

Fillet Steak


The most tender cut of beef steak.


Uncooked, Smoked Gammon Joint


Traditional OAK SMOKED Wiltshire cured gammons with no added water.

Uncooked, Unsmoked Gammon Joint


Traditional UNSMOKED Wiltshire cured gammons with no added water.

Sirloin Joint


The prime roasting beef joint.

English grass fed extra mature beef

3 Bird Ballotine



Turkey breast stuffed with Duck, Chicken and a Pork Stuffing

Serves 10

Gluten Free – Please purchase one of our Gluten Free Sausage Meat stuffings and select In Bird

A free range Chicken

Local Free Range Chicken


Locally sourced poultry from Noah’s Ark Farm.



Gourmet BBQ Box


BBQ Box Gourmet Bavette Steak 1KG Baby Back Ribs 8 Sausages 8 Chicken Skewers 8 Lamb Koftas

BBQ Box 3


BBQ Box 3 8 Sausages 8 Beef Burgers 4oz 6 Chicken Skewers 6 Beef Skewers 6 Lamb Koftas

Service Charge


Service Charge

Additional charge for preparation of products ( for example bone & rolling ). Please contact a member of staff for details.

Boneless Turkey Crown


Hand rolled boneless turkey crowns, wrapped in bacon – a number of stuffing options available.

For our recommended cooking guide please follow the link

Boneless Turkey/Turkey Breast Roasting Guide – Sway Butchers

Wrapped in Streaky Bacon (if you would like your crown without bacon please contact us on 01590 682302)

Gluten Free – Please purchase one of our Gluten Free Sausage Meat stuffings and select In Bird

Leg of Lamb


Prime roasting joint.

A Topside Joint

Topside Joint


A popular family beef roast.

BBQ Box 2


4 Sausages 4 Beef Burgers 4oz 4 chicken Skewers 4 Lamb Koftas 4 Chicken Koftas

Local New Forest Venison Haunch (Diced)


Local New Forest Venison Haunch

Local Sparerib Joint Boneless


Shoulder of pork joint, great for pulled pork or slow roast, excellent crackling.

Brisket Joint


Economical beef joint for long & slow cooking, with great flavour.

Shoulder of Lamb


Roasting joint great for longer & slower roast.

Rack of Lamb


Rack of Lamb (feeds 2 )

Weekly Meat Box


> 4 x Chicken Breasts
> 1lb Minced Steak
> 1lb Sausages
> 1.6Kg Barn Chicken

Free Range English Pork Leg Boneless


Premium pork joint, a family favourite.

Farmhouse Sausages with Salt and Pepper

Local Pork BBQ Box


Local Pork BBQ Box

New Forest Pork (from Dilton Corner Farm, Boldre )

4 Pork Skewers (Chinese)

4 Pork & Apple Burgers 6 oz

6 Pork Sausages

Farmhouse Sausages with Salt and Pepper

Sausage Box


6 Farmhouse Sausages

12 Chipolata Sausages (Farmhouse)

6 Sway 2000 Sausages (Garlic and Sage)

6 Brockenhurst Banger Sausages (Ale)

Bulk Pack Dry Cured Bacon


Dry cured, No added water.

BBQ Box 1


BBQ Box 1 4 Sausages 4 Beef Burgers 4oz 4 Chicken Skewers


Chicken Box (pack3)


4 Chicken Breasts

1 lb Diced Chicken

1 Barn Chicken 1.4lb

Essentials Meat Box (pack 4)


> 4 x Chicken Breasts
> 1lb Minced Steak
> 1lb Sausages

Devon Free Range Chicken


Devon Free Range Chicken 2kg

Pork Belly Joint


Long & slow roasting joint with great crackling

Beef Box


1 lb Minced Beef

1 lb Braising Steak

1 lb Shin of Beef

English Grass Fed Beef

Free Range Devon Duck


Founded in 1985 by Peter and Sue Coleman and later joined by son James, Creedy farm has specialised in producing the finest Free Range Duck and Chicken for over 30 years with a reputation for great flavour and a high meat yield. The concept is the same now as it has always been, to produce great tasting poultry with a huge emphasis on bird welfare and sustainable farming.

At Present DEFRA is requiring that all poultry is kept inside and therefore currently is unable to be classed as Free Range

Meat Box (pack2)


Meat Box Pack 2 1 lb Minced Steak 1 Lb Sausages 1 Lb Braising Steak

Lamb Chops


Lamb Chops Weight: > Lamb Loin Chops: 270g > Lamb Cutlets: 480g > Barnsley Lamb Chops:  500g English Grass Fed Lamb.

Every Day BBQ Box


6 Farmhouse Sausages + 8 Garlic Butter Chicken Drumsticks + 12 Chinese Chicken Wings + 4 Sticky Maple Pork Steaks

Rib Eye Steak


Rib eye steak is full of flavour and deliciously tender.

Ox Tail


Ox Tail – English Grass fed beef

pack size 750g

May be Frozen

Breakfast Box


Breakfast Box 6 Local Free Range Eggs 8 Rashers of Unsmoked Back Bacon 1 Pack of Isle of Wight Cherry Tomatoes 8 Chipolata Sausages

4 Chicken Breasts


Fresh boneless chicken breast. ~200g

Chicken Ballotine


Chicken Ballotine Our whole boneless chicken ballotine comes stuffed with our delicious stuffing. Select from Chestnut, Sage & Onion or Plum & Ginger

Salmon and Dill Quiche


Pastry – Plain Flour, Butter, Sea salt, Egg 

Filling – Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Egg, Cream, Creme Fraiche, Spring Onions, Dill, Salt and Pepper

This Product is Frozen

Mixed Meat Box (pack 1)


Mixed Meat Box (pack 1) 4 Chicken Legs 1 Lb Sausages 4 Pork Loin Steaks

Diced Goat


Great for curries.

Weight: 500g

Baby Back Ribs


A sheet of approx. 8 ribs.

Roasted Vegetable Tart


Homemade Roasted Vegetable Tart – Made from scratch in our kitchen using only the finest ingredients. Our homemade all butter shortcrust pastry, blind baked and then generously filled with a mixture of roasted vegetables, cheese and a creamy filling.

This Product is Frozen

Whole Barn Chicken


English Poultry with excellent flavour.

Chicken and Tarragon Pie


Our homemade Chicken and Tarragon Pie. Chicken cooked in a creamy tarragon and white wine sauce wrapped in handmade all butter shortcrust pastry

Coronation Chicken Pie


Coronation Chicken Pie Our Coronation Chicken Pie contains a delicious Curried Chicken, Apricot and Mango Chutney filling all encased in our handmade all butter shortcrust pastry.

Steak and Ale Pie


Home-made of course, including the pastry!

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