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Leg of Lamb


Prime roasting joint.

Shoulder of Lamb


Roasting joint great for longer & slower roast.

Rack of Lamb


Rack of Lamb (feeds 2 )

Diced Goat


Great for curries.

Weight: 500g

Lamb Chops


Lamb Chops Weight: > Lamb Loin Chops: 270g > Lamb Cutlets: 480g > Barnsley Lamb Chops:  500g English Grass Fed Lamb.

Diced Lamb


Chunks of boneless lean leg & shoulder

Lamb Shank


From the leg for long cooking

Minced Lamb


Minced lamb shoulder

Moroccan Lamb Nest


Minced Lamb Nest

Minced Lamb seasoned with a blend of Moroccan spices, topped with a garlic sauce, chopped onion and peppers.

Home cook for 35 minutes at 180 deg. C

Individual portion

Moroccan Lamb Burger


Weight: 6oz

Homemade, Hand Pressed, Premium Lamb Burgers made from our finest minced lamb, using natural spices.

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