Product List

Fresh Chicken
4 Chicken Breasts £9.98
Chicken Crown £7.48
(stuffed with sage & onion)
4 Chicken Legs £3.00
4 Chicken Thighs £2.80
10 Chicken Drumsticks £3.00
3kg Barn Chickens £7.98
1.8kg Barn Chickens £11.50
Diced Chicken £9.48/kg
Local Free Range Chickens from £10.00 each (£6.98/kg)

English Dry Aged Beef
Minced steak £10.98/kg
Premium Braising Steak £11.48/kg
Beef Shin £10.28/kg
Brisket Joint £9.98/kg
Topside for Roasting £12.58/kg
Sirloin Joint £26.98/kg
Sirloin Steaks £29.98/kg
Rib Eye Steak £29.98/kg
Fillet Steak £52.00/kg
Bavette £15.98/kg
Rump Steak £19.98/kg

English Outdoor Reared Pork
Pork Chops £7.48/kg
Pork Loin Steaks £9.68/kg
Pork Fillet £11.48/kg
Baby Back Ribs £8.98/kg
Pork Belly £8.48/kg
Sparerib Shoulder Joint £6.98/kg
Leg Joint £7.98/kg

English Lamb
Lamb Chops & Cutlets £17.48/kg
Lamb Neck Fillet £22.00/kg
Diced Lamb £18.98/kg
Shoulder Whole or Half £8.98/kg
Leg Joint £13.98/kg

Dry Cured English Bacon
Unsmoked Streaky £14.98/kg
Smoked streaky £15.98/kg
Unsmoked Back £15.98/kg
Smoked Back £16.98/kg

Home Made Sausage Menu
Farmhouse Pork
Farmhouse Pork Chipolatas
Pork, Apple & Sage
Hampshire Herby
Brockenhurst Banger
Sway 2000
Pork & Cracked Black Pepper
Pork & Sweet Chilli

Home Made Burger Menu 6oz/175p each
Premium Beef
Smokehouse Beef
Moroccan Lamb
Beef, Caramelised Onion & cracked Pepper
Chicken & Tarragon

Home Made Koftas 198p each
Minty Lamb
Sticky Maple Pork

Home Made Kebabs  325p each
Chicken, Ginger, Lemon & Chilli
Jamaican Jerk Beef
Royal Minty Lamb

Marinated Chicken
Smokey Barbeque Wings 360p/12
Argentinean fire Wings 360p/12
Thai Drumsticks 400p/8
Garlic Butter Drumsticks 400p/8

For Your Kitchen Ready to Cook
Garlic & Herb Chicken Stir Fry 150p/100g
Thai Chicken Stir Fry 150p/100g
Chicken Schnitzels 179p/100g
Pork Schnitzels 179p/100g
Chicken Kiev Bombs 408p each
Italian Chicken Buns 425p each

From Our Kitchen Pies & Ready Meals Ready to cook from Frozen (Subject to availability)
Ready Meals 475p each
Chicken Curry
Chilli Con Carne
Beef Lasagne
Macaroni Cheese
Coq au Vin
5 Bean Chilli (V)
Vegetarian Lasagne (V)
Beetroot & Chestnut Burgers (V)
Pies Large for 4/875p Small for 1/450p
Chicken, Ham & Leek
Coronation Chicken
Chicken & Tarragon
Steak & Ale
Steak, Port & Stilton
Steak & Kidney
Quiches 975p each for 4+
Salmon & Dill
Roasted Vegetable
Olive, Goats Cheese & Onion
Desert 475p each
Chocolate Brownie
Dairy & Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

Fresh Fruit & Veg
Eating apples
Cooking apples
Oranges Large
Washed Potatoes
Cornish New Potatoes
Salad Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Isle of Wight Asparagus
Isle of White Cherry Tomatoes
Brown Onions
Red Onions
Red, Green Yellow Peppers
Butternut Squash
Little Gem Lettuce
Long Live Beetroot
Spring Onions

English Cheese
Mild cheddar
Mature Cheddar Connoisseurs Choice
Godminster Organic Cheddar
Clawson Stilton
Ribblesdale Sheep Cheese
Somerset Camembert
Somerset Brie
Isle of Wight Creamy soft
Isle of Wight Blue
Salted Sweetcream Butter
Jersey Double Cream
Natural Yoghurt
Wensleydale & Cranberry

Cooked Meats
Wiltshire Cure Cooked Gammon
Chorizo Sarta Sausage Ring
Tapas Mix

Local Free Range Eggs
Large 185p/6

Bulk Packs
Pack 4
4 Large Fresh Chicken Breast (approx. 200g ea)
1lb Home-Made Sausages (6)
1lb Minced Steak

Subject to availability
Free Delivery Orders over £25.00