Essentials List


Essentials List

Essentials Price List

Pack 4

4 Large Fresh Chicken Breast (approx. 200g ea)

1lb Home-Made Sausages (6)

1lb Minced Steak



Whole Barn Chicken 1.3kg £7.98

4 Large Fresh Chicken Breast (approx. 200g ea) £9.98

Minced Steak 500g £5.24

Braising Steak Diced 500g £5.48

Home-Made Sausages 1lb (6) £4.00

Farmhouse Pork, Hampshire Herby, Sway 2000, Brockenhurst Banger

Home-Made Chipolatas 1lb (12) £4.00

Home-Made Burgers 6oz £1.75

Premium Beef, Smokehouse Beef, Chicken & Tarragon

Subject to availability

This is not a comprehensive product list. We are hoping to continue to be able offer all other Meats as usual ie. Free range Chickens, English Lamb, Outdoor Reared Pork, Dry Aged Beef, Chicken Crowns, Home Dry Cured Bacon, English Cheese, Free Range Eggs……….

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Prices correct at time of publish ( note – over time these may change due to market changes)