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Raw Feed For Working Dogs.

A photo of myself with my working cocker spaniel 'Ellie'

Reading many articles on the benefit of raw feeding dogs, I decided to develop my own raw food primarily for my own working dog Ellie. I have worked hard to develop a raw mince with the right balance of raw carcass, muscle, offal and vegetables (sweet potato, carrots and swede).

All of the ingredients are fit for human consumption and only sourced from our shop stock.


Working Dog Food Price List

Raw Feed Mince

Chicken Raw Feed: 460g tubes for £1.00

Beef Raw Feed: 460g tubes for £1.50


Chicken Carcass: 10 for £2.50

Lamb or Pork Bones: Carrier bag for £3.50

Marrow Bones - small middles 5 for £3.50

Marrow Bones - large middles 3 for £5.00

Other Products

Chicken Wings: 10/ £1.50, 20/£2.50, 50/£4.00, 100/£5.00

Pig's Hearts: £1.00 per Kg

For more details please contact myself on

01590 682302

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